Swim With Me


SOLD (16x20in on Stretched Canvas)

I had a realization the other night when my husband asked me why I looked a little blue.  There is lots of business-y art stuff happening in my world this month, and I noticed – as I sat down to paint – that I was picking subjects to paint according to what I think people would want to buy.  And even during painting them I would be so nervous as to their outcome I didn’t enjoy myself much.

So glad he asked me!  It probably would have taken me days to stop and think about it.  So before sitting down to do this one, I asked myself, ‘what would I want to paint?’

I’ve been so mesmerized by the underwater paintings by Samantha French > so I searched Pixabay and found these cute kiddos.

And because I like the process, here are some process shots:

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