Swimming Green


SOLD (12x12in on Repurposed 2in Stretched Canvas)

Last night I just had to paint, after the not so relaxing Dump Truck painting after my 1year old woke up.  I just felt like I could do better.  So after the babe went to bed, and I knew there would be no threat of waking up, I sat down and opened this old image I saved from Pixabay > for when I knew I would have a moment like this where I just needed to paint SOMETHING but didn’t want to waste time searching for an image.

It’s funny.  I was nervous about the canyon but LOVED how the swimmers turned out – so ‘suggested’ versus detailed.  So I went out to get my husband’s opinion (he hangs out in his (recording) studio in our detached garage these days).  He said, “well it definitely looks like a canyon, but I’m not sure about the swimmers.”  Perfect!  I said.

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