Plein Air with Acrylics


SOLD (8x8in canvas panel)

This is from Friday’s art lesson.  Man, have we been having some great weather here the past two weeks!  My student friend has been wanting to try plein air painting so I thought we would take advantage of the nice weather and lack of wind.  When she arrived we took a stroll around the house (we had to stay within baby monitor range per nap time) and decided the alley was the most inspiring.  So we set up camp.  My friend wished we had a name for what it is we were doing – since plein air is primarily an oil painting thing – and we were loading our palettes in the dirt, balancing easels on rocks, spraying our acrylic paint every 2 minutes….didn’t feel like how the professionals do it.  But that’s what I appreciate about the way I paint sometimes, and I want everyone to know they can too.

Here are some shots from the day:

easels on the front porch

getting paint.

some composition checking sketches.

If you have any suggestions on what we could call our technique of “plein air” painting let me know!

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