You Could Do This


Working on a larger piece today as a request.  Eeek!  I’ve been really enjoying the quick, little ones lately, and learning so much.  But I don’t like the request list to pile up so time to attack this week.  Today I just threw on color.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll sketch in the details.

Here’s the step by step so you can feel like you can pull out your supplies and get painting!

You could do this right!?

I do the flower petals some what messy because I can come back with the background color and ‘reshape’ them.

Also, I did this opposite of how I usually would.  Typically I start with the subjects so I can apply the ‘reshape’ technique to everything, but the flowers and darkness under the chickens were calling to me…and I just went.

I loved all the colors I was seeing in this front chicken.  When you make each color as you go and paint wet-on-wet you get this harmonious color blending goodness.

And I couldn’t leave them with big open spaces over their heads and faces, so I pulled out the red right at the end, just so when I approach it later I can really focus on the details.

This al happened in an hour, with one brush a little wider than an inch.


Happy painting.

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