Polar Bear No.2


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I’m sticking with the zoo animals lately, but craving fruit after this…  I was drawn in by the severe contrast in this photo from Morguefile, and I feel like the bear is almost glowing because of it.

Here are some progress shots:

I rescheduled my 14 year old art lesson for today instead of yesterday so I had some time to play with the “lesson plan” I have for her – and I’m glad I did.  We both need value practice, and she wants to study the science of the color wheel and the different color combinations that are appealing to the eye.  So today we’re going to do 10 minute sketches, using split complimentary color schemes to practice teaching our eyes to see value.  That’s a lot in one lesson, but I’m hoping it will spark some inspiration in her art this week.  Here’s what I whipped out yesterday as an example.  Though this was more like 20 mins.

SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I used purple as the main color, and yellow green and yellow orange as the splits.  Mixing each of the splits with the purple made these yummy olive and golden brown colors.  I’ve never played with this idea before so I’m excited to try it with other colors.

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