Hippo Spotting


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

Guys.  It took me three paintings till I finally painted something I liked!  Talk about being rusty.  Sheesh.

I am really digging this painting.  In the photo reference the water was a lot more choppy, buy I calmed it down a little to show off those yummy greens.  I love the shapes in hippos so much lately and might try to do this guy again on a larger canvas.

My slightly-younger-art student (14 but feels like talking to a 25 year old) wants to learn more about the science of the color wheel > so I did some research because I need to learn more about it myself.  For this week for us I found a fun challenge on the DailyPaintworks website challenging us to use the Split Complimentary color scheme, look forward to seeing those this week!

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