Grazing Fog


On Hold (20x20in on Stretched Canvas)

My young student came over today for an art lesson and we both decided we had the post-holiday-rust going on.  Our paintings just weren’t working, our eyes were un-trained and nothing was coming easy.  A very cool thing to connect with a 10 year old on by the way.  Alas, the two of us agreed to paint again later today > so here it is.  Painting no.2 for getting back into painting shape.  There are things I like about this and things I don’t, but hooray for stepping up to the easel instead of sitting on the couch watching Netflix, amaright?

10 year old student and I also chatted about some things we’d like to work on in our painting this year.  She wants to get better at painting glass objects and metal objects (huzzah!  Something I can actually teach someone).  And I’d like to try applying the atmospheric perspective (where things far away appear blurry or foggy)  Here’s a painting that I recently discovered that inspired this desire:

See how the buildings in the background are painted lighter?  It’s a lot harder for me than it looks!

The other thing I want to try is painting water scenes like this:

I like how the blue sky reflects in just a little area like this.  So far my problem is just finding a safe picture to use to paint from.  I think I’ll have to wait till spring and try to take my own.

And this feels like a similar technique to the atmospheric thing, right?  It seems that I just need to train my eye to see and create the right colors – that’s all painting is really.  Teaching you eye to see. (The two above paintings are done by Carol Marine.)

Anyways, that’s my reflection over aspirations for the new year in painting.  Enjoy watching the growth.

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