Vase and Apple 2



I need better titles.  Help!  Here’s the painting from this morning.  I have 2 days off this week, how wonderful!  There are a few gift-paintings I’d like to get done with this extra time, being wedding season and all.

About the ‘pie’ dilemma I’ve brought up recently, my dear co-worker told me a cute little parable on the subject of practice-makes-perfect the other day when I was griping about not painting pie well after trying TWICE.  Here’s the short version:  The was once a kingdom, where an artist lived and was becoming very well known about the kingdom for his skill.  So the king sent his men to tell the artist to paint him a picture of a frog.  The artist told the men to return in a years time.  A year passes and the men go to the artist.  The artist says, ‘it’s not ready, come back in another year.’  This happens two more times until the king finally goes to the artist himself.  The artist welcomes the king in, has him sit down, sets up a canvas and proceeds to paint a frog in a matter of minutes.  The king is astonished at how beautiful the painting is, but asks the artist why it took so long.  The artist brings him to a back room and opens the door.  Inside are HUNDREDS of paintings of frogs.

Needless to say I was thankful for the gentle reminder to practice and practice a lot.


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