Conference Room Color


NFS (36x48in on stretched canvas)

My husband gave me the task of creating some art for their conference room at the office.  A company of 8 grown engineers, you can imagine the lack of color in that office ::smile::  I was excited to take on this project.

My initial attempt was completely random abstract….but I soon discovered I’m no good at those; I need a reference photo and a value pattern already established.  So I tried again using the succulent bush I’ve been having so much fun with lately and went a bit more loose and free with it.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the first attempt so you could see how much better this works.

And I’m already excited about the next one:

The commonality each painting will have is the same shades of blue – I’m hoping that’s enough to make them harmonize.  I went to the landfill last week and snagged all the shades of blue I could find.

Happy December!

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