Winter Succulent


A few people have asked me lately if i’ve painted anything new – and usually this doesn’t bother me too much because God’s helped me have grace on myself with the baby at home.  But today I decided to do something about it.

We finally got snow here last week, and I managed to snag a picture of the succulent bush in a wintery scene to continue in my all seasons idea.  I didn’t get to finish it today, baby is taking shorter naps these days, but here’s my progress:

img_5992 img_5993 img_5994 img_5995 img_5996

I’m really thankful for the practice using whites I did a few months ago, it is coming in handy for placing all these different shades.  Knowing the end result would be lots of gloomy greys, I did the initial sketch in red-orange in hopes of warming it up a little.  Liking it so far!

I wanted to get this one started soon also because AKINZ is having a winter show and called out for art from local artists.  So if you’re in town look out for that next month!

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