Kool Aid and Painting


(Available through email.  16inx20in on canvas panel)

Next week I’m walking some teen girls from church through a painting and kool-aid night.  I love doing these sorts of things with groups, but I also struggle with how to teach the two different personality types that I see – the ones who love the freedom to choose their own colors and shapes, and the ones that NEED the step by step instruction or they stress out.  In the typical wine and painting class (I’ve sat in on 2 now I think in town) but they have all the paint you’ll need arranged on a plate, they tell you step by step how to paint the display painting, and it’s all broken down very simply.

Now I know this is what people usually need the first time they sit down in front of a canvas…but this is just not how I instruct.  My group sessions like this usually start out really bumpy and chaotic as the gals are stressing which color to pick – because all I say is, “sure, try that one, see what happens.”  And they don’t typically like that. ::smile::

But by the end of the night, and we’re on the final touches and people are getting the hang of it, they tend to relax > and usually enjoy the thing they painted.  Each “class” I learn something new, so hopefully things will go smoothly next week.  I practiced a display painting today and did a little “self instruction” as I went to make sure I’m at least clear and confident for them.  I’m taking the coloring book approach.  Crossing my fingers they’re okay with flowers.

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