New Glass



So, I’ve kind of changed my mind as to what I’m going to submit to paint on the cabinet.  Apologies for no ’round 3′ picture today, but here’s a still life of some new glass pieces I found at the thrift store!  Loved the colors and painting all the reflections.  I thought about rounding off and softening that really sharp edge of dark purple on the top left, but then decided I liked the sharp contrast among all the soft edges near by.  Since I use mostly re-cycled house paint, I tend to rely to heavily on the colors as they already are.  But this is the first painting in a long time that I actually like the composition and how the colors came out. (I did mix them of course).

Back to the Cabinet deal, I think I’m going with: the Breakfast theme, the idea of piles of shoes (an idea I’ve done in a previous painting- see the “stil life” tab to the left), and potentially sketch up a shot I got of flamingos from the Zoo.  They’ve asked for busy, high-contrast images to help keep the desire to tag the boxes with grafiti.  Since I didn’t enjoy painting the pie, as perfect as it would be for behind Perkins, I think I’ll give them 3 very different options and run with whatever they decide.  Here’s a sketch of the flamingos, cool pattern it makes huh?


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