Slice of Pie N/A


The second in the Perkins transformer cabinet themes, a slice of pie.  This one was rather frustrating, and I’m still not excited about it, but hey, I have to submit something!  I actually did a full, latticed-topped pie as the first go-around, but I was really not pleased with the result of that one.  Who knew pie would be so hard to paint.  Unfortunately, a bad painting session makes me a crabby girl, so I have some apologizing to do to my man.

Funny story though, every time I think of cherry pie I’m reminded of the time my family all packed up in the camper and drove through Door County Wisconsin.  Cherry Land.  We loaded up on cherries and mom was so excited to make us a pie from scratch.  So excited she forgot to de-PIT the cherries first, but of course no one realized this until the first bite.  Sorry mom, still yummy though!  She’s a god sport about it now.

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