New Paint


SOLD (8x8in on Canvas panel)

As most of you know, I use primarily re-purposed house paint that I get for free at the landfill.  Lately, I’ve been feeling this itch to get some higher quality paint and practice my color mixing abilities and see if I could really do it / if I like the creations better.  Here is my first attempt with real acrylic paint, only using the primaries and burnt umber and white.  It took twice as long and gave me kind of a head ache, but I’m willing to keep trying.

Yesterday I was inspired by Bobbie Burgers, and her giant floral paintings.  That’s where I really feel free and alive, but I stopped doing florals for a bit because it felt cliche.  Bobbie’s don’t feel cliche at all, and I found a picture of her painting and her brushes are all gristly and frayed too!  Man, it’s funny how you can doubt everything when you feel isolated.  I just needed to know someone else feels the way I do.

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