Square Eggs


(8x8in on canvas panel)

I watched Carol Marine’s latest art tutorial, “What color is White?” last night and got re-inspired to keep playing with white.  I know that with any new thing it will take multiple paintings to get right, but MAN was it challenging today.  She explains her technique so well, so I tried it.  Focusing on the values more really did help – I just need more practice making colors in the same values.  Good round 1 we’ll say.  Next time I’ll go slower and really be intentional with my brush strokes, I’m just used to painting so fast.  But spontaneous and loose doesn’t mean fast.

After pushing through the tough white challenge today I rewarded myself and went back to my comfort zone, glass.  How many people can say their comfort zone is glass?!  Thank you Jesus for making me a painter.

Comfort Zone | 12x12in on stretched canvas | Acrylic | $55

Comfort Zone | 12x12in on stretched canvas | Acrylic | $55

SOLD 10x10in on stretched canvas

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