I Know My Own and My Own Know Me


Email me to inquire about this painting. (36x36in on Repurposed Canvas)

Painting “Christian” things without being cheesy is my ultimate challenge.  There’s no rule book or guidelines, unfortunately.  And I didn’t mean for this painting to have any sort of deep, emotional meaning.  I just did it.  I wish I could say I had a giant vision for it, but I just played with color and this image till something I liked happened.

This painting has really morphed the past two days.  And as I contemplated the name for this painting I’ve been able to reflect on many things.  Why I paint, for example…biblically I create because God creates.  I reflect Him and a part of his character through the act of painting.  His canvas is Earth and everything in it, and mine is paper.  From my heart, I paint because I can’t look at art without wanting to paint something myself.  It stirs me up and makes me antsy to throw paint somewhere.  It expresses who my Creator made me to be.  Typing these things feels weird, ask me about it sometime – though I can’t promise I will be eloquent of speech then either.

Here are some of the phases this piece took:

IMG_5059 IMG_5060 mod2 mod

Enjoy!  And happy painting.

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