Banana Stew



Today was exciting! I didn’t think I’d have time to paint, as we are in the midst of house-hunting/buying right now, and found one we are hoping to put an offer on, yay!  AND, I had to coax myself a little to get in the mood.  I have been fearing a feeling like this.  So, when the husband went off to his studio (recording) I dashed to the guest bedroom, a.k.a. my studio, and whipped out a still life I set up yesterday.

Still trying to figure out how all the composition rules (the useful knowledge my gracious pen-pal mentor is bestowing upon me) apply to everything I see.  After too much post-editing with the yellows I see now that it all became nearly the same yellow.  Whoops.  As usual, I will take any constructive help on this.

Off to my Transformer Cabinet painting meeting, hopefully I can post some exciting news about this tomorrow.

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