Parker Painting Happenings 2016


This past week has been prepping for a couple things happening this summer.

1- I received the location of my 2016 Transformer Cabinet!  It will be along the MAX line behind the Miramont on College.  And I just finished and submitted my themes today.  What’s your favorite?:

Retro PaparazziretroPaparazzi


Save the HumansSaveTheHumans

Animal Games                                      AnimalGames

I’ll let you know what the city chooses.  Then I design the whole box with that theme.  (Check out my “Art in Public Places” tab to see other cabinets I’ve painted)

2- I took an online poll to see which painting I should submit for the Michales Art Challenge this year.  The Flamboyance of Flamingos painting won the poll, since they’re looking for creativity and unique-ness.  They let the finalists know July 5th and then I’ll tell all of you so you can go vote for your favorite, or mine, if I win.

I have one more dog commission and then it’s back to whatever intrigues me.  Happy painting!

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