Ostrich Games


SOLD (10x20in 1in Stretched Canvas)

Inspiration comes from many places.  Today, it was my daughter’s animal book.  And since I did a more realistic hippo yesterday, I thought I’d play around with some collage-style painting.  It’s free-form really opens my creativity and let’s me experiment.  I did have to whip out the towel and wipe off a few steps I didn’t like after all, there’s that wish for the ‘undo’ button again.

It’s also fun to step back and see all the fun things that come from these freely creative moments> now I’m seeing how clearly I marked out the rule of thirds going vertically – just happened from playing around a bit.  Have fun layering!

Here’s where I almost stopped today.  But it just didn’t feel right.  So I decided to add some more depth with darker values.

ostrichboring          OstrichCollage


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