Fancy Pinecone



My joy for painting has returned, or at least the fear of failing has gone.  Same thing?  While painting this one this morning I received word that I sold two paintings, how’s that for an encouraging art day.  Thanks Jesus.  He never lets me go too long without feeling encouraged.

Anyways, found this pinecone outside while taking the dog out, loved the shapes.  The fabric is a table cloth from Goodwill, I’m kind of obsessed with paisley.

I have a meeting with the a woman from the City of Fort Collins about painting one of the Transformer Cabinets in town tomorrow night, it’s finally getting started!  Hopefully I’ll find out where in town I get to paint, that’ll help me decide what to put on it, if I have any say that is.

Here’s the painting I promised yesterday, felt like summer in Fort Collins.  Early attempt at a “landscape” type painting with the bold and loose.  I wish acrylics smeared and smudged like oils do.  But I think it was a good attempt.  Happy painting!

Smoothie Time

Smoothie Time

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