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SOLD (8x8in on Paper, unframed)

Oh man this is probably my favorite color/texture combination so far!  I made the square stamp out of a block of wood and a puffy paint design.  I really like how it turned out.

Below:  I received an email from a woman in town who had a couple cans of paint from painting the rooms in her house, and she wanted to give them to me.  Usually I just tell people to drop them off at the landfill – that’s where I go to get paint (for free!) but this time I thought, why not?  Oh. Man.  She had some great colors.  One of which is this yummy green-blue-gray color.  The circle here is actually the lid of the gallon of paint.  There’s something about circles that just feels so good to me.  And of course, jellyfish.

FullSizeRender (97)

(8x8in on Paper, unframed)

I have lots going on in the studio right now- lots of half-finished stuff.  I’m trying to play with color and experiment with different textures and shapes > I’d love to be able to just create beautiful abstracts of color like Joe Bradley, Michael Tino, or Richard Diebenkorn.  All of whom I’ve just pinned on my inspiration Pinterest board ::smile::

Some day.

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