Hidden Treasure or Silly Neighbor?


I’ve woken up so many mornings this month ready to go throw some seeds in the garden beds and get things growin’, and then I remember….it’s still February.  Not diggin’ the grey and brown everywhere- last week I almost walked outside and created a huge mural along the outside of the fence so the neighbors would have some color, then my husband gently reminded me that they would be the ones staring at it every day and might want a say in it. ::smile::  Alas, the sun is out today and I couldn’t hold off any longer.

IMG_4103 (1)

I have big dreams for the alley in our backyard, but for now – I’m hoping all the dog walkers will enjoy this little pop of color among all the brown.

One thought on “Hidden Treasure or Silly Neighbor?

  1. Nancy Parker

    Ah, you will enjoy a brief reprieve when you arrive here Friday. Thanks to the plentiful rain, the hills are a lush green and since we planted our sweet pea seeds in October (as initially recommended to me in Sunset Magazine years ago) we have lovely pink and purple blossoms to enjoy outside the family room windows. There is a lot of color in California right now. You might even wish you had sunscreen😊. Remind me, why am I moving?

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