258 Nap Time Tea


Sold (8x8in on canvas panel)

The brushes I was waiting for came in the mail today!  I’m still satisfying that Van Gogh itch and requested a few round brushes from my family’s home in MN.  So, of course I had to use them!  I snagged a couple pictures from morguefile today and enjoyed the choppy little brush strokes.  I did the painting below first – the red/orange and sea foam green caught my eye originally, but I think I cut out too many things from the original photo, I’ll have to try it again.  Good thing this interior painting turned out better > I kind of want to try it with my flat brushes too.

Break Time at the Museum

Break Time at the Museum

2 thoughts on “258 Nap Time Tea

  1. Mary Althaus

    Can you add me to your blog? I love seeing your work when Craig or your mom post it on Facebook. Thanks Mary Althaus. Work friend of your dad’s

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