Best day of painting ever!


This is a work in progress.  But look how much we did in 2.5 hours!  Days like these are my absolute favorite.  My friend L came over with a giant canvas and her sister E and we got our art on together.  Our muse was Erin Fitzhugh Gregory, and our inspiration was a bouquet of flowers. (or maybe that’s the other way around?)

Anyways, I just had all my paint and brushes out and we went for it.  Minor planning and chatting in the beginning, then we dove in- each with our preferred style of starting (I on a pre-painted canvas outlining with paint, L on bare canvas with pencil.)  It’s the best to just chat along the way, admiring each other’s colors and shapes.  And so. much. laughing.  There was even a point where I held baby Fi in one arm and painted with the other.

Here are some snap shots of our afternoon:

IMG_3900 IMG_3901 IMG_3902 IMG_3904

I was tempted to leave my painting like this – cool huh?  I’ve been really inspired by Van Gogh’s Iris painting lately and was trying to imitate him with my snapdragons.  I need to go buy more canvases.

Who’s coming over tomorrow?!

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