250 First Silver Pitcher


SOLD (8x8in on canvas panel)

I finally had the courage to paint my new silver pitcher.  I’ve been intimidated by it, waiting for a day I could be in a bad mood and not bug anyone in case it didn’t turn out (I have to be smart about those dark days).  Alas!  I think it turned out okay for a first go around.  Carol Marine had good advice about painting reflective objects like this, they are always darker than you will want to paint them.  Agreed, good tip.

Get excited about tomorrow folks!  My friend Lizzy (13) is coming over to paint together.  I bought a BIG bouquet of flowers today for us to put in paint together, can’t – wait!!!  This stem was a left over, but I can’t waste any still life material.  I love painting these “filler” stems.

On another note, here’s another finished commission.  It was a nice change-up painting with a grey scale, I rely heavily on color I’ve realized.

Lila Commission | acrylic on stretched canvas | 20x20in | SOLD

Lila Commission | acrylic on stretched canvas | 20x20in | SOLD

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