Branch Patterns No.1


SOLD (4inx5.5in on Wood Block)

My baby loves looking at patterns, future artist?!  I put this patchwork  pillow in front of her today with all sorts of fabric and colors on it – one particular pattern was intriguing to me – so I played with some colors and shapes based on the pillow this morning. A little warm up to get the paint flowing before an afternoon of larger painting.  I think I might do a whole series of little wood block studies – but I say that about everything. ::smile::

FullSizeRender (49)

One thought on “Branch Patterns No.1

  1. chris bailey

    Have you decided on a photo of Lila to paint? Has it started. Can’t rush art. I like the later one with the chicken, you do animals so well.
    But keep me in the loop.

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