242 Winter Minis


SOLD (6.75in x 8in on Wood)

Just having one of those days – a little anxious and rushed for no real reason.  So today I slowed down, had an extended quiet time with God (sans baby) and got some refreshment.  Then picked up baby and after I put her down for a nap I surrounded myself with my house paints on the floor and cranked out these just-for-funs.  No commissions today, though I am staying on schedule with those too.

242 Winter Berries

242 Winter Berries   4.25in x 6.75in on wood

These berry branches are part of my Christmas decorations and I get so inspired by them every year.  Here are some previous years berry paintings.

244 Winter Pine No.2

244 Winter Pine No.2     4.5in x 6.75in on wood

The first pinecone painting was so much fun I tried it again.  I REALLY enjoy painting all those tiny spaces and stepping back to see how the colors mixed and are a little different each space.  I might try something along these lines with a painting and wine group sometime.

FullSizeRender (32)

They’re actually all on the same board…waiting for my husband to come home and separate them….but they looked kind of cool all together.

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