All That Glass


(24inx24in On Wood Canvas Panel)

I don’t have much time to paint for myself during the Christmas season because of the rush for commission requests- but I just HAD to squeeze this one out after all the glass painting talk at the art market last weekend.  I went a little Henri Matisse on this one, with the busy patterns.  Solid colored backgrounds just don’t show off the way the glass distorts things as you look through it, so hopefully your eye can find a place to rest in the blue vase maybe.  The reflections on the bottom of the big round pitcher were especially fun and challenging.  This is one of those paintings I think I’ll get lost in every time I look at it, just studying all the different areas.  Yes!!

There are many more things I’ve mentally noted wanting to paint after all the painting gifts are done- maybe I should make a list.

Now onto the final commissions!  I might not be able to post them all as they are gifts, so look for them after Christmas.



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