Working on some Minis


So much is going on this month in my world!  But I had some time to play with paint yesterday and make some of these ‘Minis’ on  wood blocks.  They’re small, about 4inx6in most of them, but they are so fun and free.  And if I particularly like one I can call it a ‘study’ for a larger piece ::wink::  I’m really digging this chair one for example.  I also scored a great find at Goodwill on which to paint too – huzzah!  If I have time in between preparing for the ART FAIR this weekend I will definitely plan a fun piece to put on my new big board.

*the art fair is called Fine and Funky and will be in the Opera Galleria in Old Town Fort Collins on Friday December 4th (5-9pm) and Saturday December 5th (10am-6pm).

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