Art Room Art


After an emotional blah day, I just wanted to create something pretty.  Earlier, I was trying to make a homemade Christmas decoration and failed…it happens.  But it was the icing on my stinky day.  So once we put the baby to bed I decided to give art one last shot.  I grabbed my background board I use to hang small canvases on while I paint them, and taped circles and a heart all over it.  Then brought it out to the garage and hit the whole thing with spray paint.  So satisfying.  And viola, art.  I will reluctantly put a price on it for the Galleria sale, but for now the colors will inspire me in my art room.


*update!!*  > I will officially be a part of the Fine and Funky Art Boutique in the Opera Galleria for December 4th and 5th.  Sounds like a wonderful event, and I’m getting excited about setting up a booth.  Stop by and see me painting live!  XXfingerscrossedXX

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