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The YART sale was a great success!  I love any opportunity to facetime with other local aritsts – they’re all so inspiring.  And I ended up stocking up on some sketches from one of my favorites ::mmm::  I was thinking about her figures last night and got such an itch to doodle, I put down my crocheting (Christmas presents) and grabbed my sketchbook.  I really admire anyone who can create from their own imagination, I need a reference to get going when I doodle > usually.  Here’s what happens with no reference:



But here’s what happens when I have something to get the wheels turning!:



(on 8×10 Acid-free paper)

This is based off a painting by Erin Fitzhugh Gregory I recently discovered on Pinterest.  Check her out> they are so beautiful!!

Today I’m hoping to paint from my imagination> or maybe I’ll pick up flowers at the grocery store for inspiration.  A (hopefully) fun exercise to free me up – I often get frustrated in feeling like I get all my ideas from other art that I see, and nothing I create is original (lies).  But I refuse to stop looking at other people’s art!!  They are so creative.


*doodles are always up for purchasing.  Email me for inquiries about a piece.

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