More Transformer Cabinet Painting


A friend of mine hung out with Baby this morning so I could hammer out some more progress on the box.  This last side (facing the stream) has a weird texture to it so the look of this painting is a little different than the front.  Since there are so many ‘bumps’ I really have to brush back and forth a lot to get the color in – blending the paint more than I like.  I prefer to leave it big and chunky (Teddi words for ‘bold’ and ‘loose’).  It also makes it harder to get nice hard edges – something I’m going to be touching up this weekend.

Success!  I got 2/3 done with the last side, and will now be able to wrap it all up this weekend.  There’s no deadline really, I just want to finish it before it gets too chilly here.  Come to City Park Saturday and chat with me while I put the finishing touches on this year’s transformer cabinet!

photo 2 (7)

The grass was wet so I camped out on a blanket this morning.

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