Goodwill Painting


Trying something new with this one.  I am often found at the local Goodwill, can’t get enough.  I know other artists who have done something like this – you take an old painting from a thrift store and add your own painting addition to it.  Originally, this was a portrait of this little girl and her cat and a typical landscape background.  I went through a couple different ideas to add to this one > the Cheshire Cat hanging from her arms for example.  I landed on a giant lion laying behind her.  (I’m facepalming for not taking a before photo- next time.)

Steve says the lion fits in too well.  On the next one I find I think I’ll make it a little more obvious that I added it. : )  Might have to do this with girlfriends sometime.

*Gah, the sun has gone down already – the color here is way off.  I’ll try adding a better photo tomorrow.

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