Tour De Fat and Painting Outside


photo 2

The new Saturday plan is packing up the family and heading to paint the transformer cabinet.  Tour De Fat also happens to be this weekend so we weren’t sure what kind of scene we would be stumbling upon today as the bike parade goes right past my box this year.  Turns out the parade was still going when we got there so we camped out on the sidewalk and watched the chaos pass by.  Great fun!

After about an hour things winded down and we made our way over the our spot.  Being a Saturday I really wanted to start and finish one of the bigger sides since I had Steve there to watch the baby.  They both did great and we had much to be entertained by.  I do like getting to paint while people are out and about, they say such nice things as they pass by….usually.

I painted till baby was starting to lose it for real and hurriedly slapped the last of the paint on.  I finished the whole side!  But I do see some things that need touching-up; it’s hard sitting so close to it the whole time and not getting to step back enough.  Luckily proportions are pretty good, I just have some things to adjust and make pop!  Here’s an action shot:

photo 1

I was reminiscing the rehearsal day for our wedding (just celebrated 3 years of marriage!)  Tour de Fat landed on the day before we got married, and we rehearsed outside in the park – the parade was going by the whole time in the background.  So fun – for us and our out of town guests ::smile::

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