215 Fill The Room


SOLD (12x12in on Canvas Panel)

Another weekend, another chance for the hubby to grab the baby if she starts crying while I paint!  Right now she’s in a phase where she will sleep the longest stretch in the afternoon – she slept the WHOLE time I painted today!

Today’s goal was to finish a pet commission, but due to computer issues I couldn’t pull the photos up to work from.  So I worked from some cell phone shots I took of this lily bouquet my husband brought home last week.  The entire house smelled like lilies all week, it was wonderful.  I snapped some pictures in case they were dead by the time I got to painting them, sure enough.  I loved all the curls, and twists and how they just explode from the stems.  Great negative space.  These were super fun to paint.

photo 1

Here’s my view in the studio today.  Baby monitor, a new feature. : )


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