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I’ve been feeling the weight of this transformer box project now that it’s summer, so I decided today was the day I would dust off my easel and make some progress.  The city meets once a month to make decisions about these public art projects, so if I miss one month to get my images approved I have to wait until the next one – let’s just say, things move slowly unless I’m on top of my game.  I’m hoping to start painting the box after we get back from my brother’s wedding in August.  Thank goodness the weather stays so nice for so long here in Colorado.

The theme they city chose is “thing to do at City Park.”  Here’s the image I submitted originally, and the fireworks painting is what I did today.  I had enough time to paint 2 believe it or not, I’ll post that one tomorrow.

Friend or Foe? | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 10x20in | $60

Friend or Foe? | Acrylic on Stretched Canvas | 10x20in | $60

It felt good to paint again.  I have another commission I’m anxious to finish, but I think I need some more warming up.  My husband texted me this morning to check in.  I told him I was painting since Fi was sleeping – he was excited and reminded me to have grace on myself.  Good reminder, and I did.  ::smile::

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  1. eva hoskins

    so glad you are feeling good and say hello to Fiona for me!
    I am also glad the city chose that theme
    happy painting!

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