Prepping for Monday


I don’t have set days for painting, but lately the pattern has been that my ‘work days’ are Monday-Thursday.  I got to post yesterday because I painted two on Thursday.  It’s all about finding what’s a good flow for you.  For me, I’ve learned I get a little more excited and ready to approach a canvas on Monday if I have the canvases completely prepped so there’s no excuse to avoid the studio : ).  Next week I’ll be working on some dog portraits and maybe another sunflower commission!  Trying to wrap up these commissions before baby comes – not that I’ll stop painting once she’s here, but I bet the schedule will be different until I figure out a new groove.

Happy weekend!

photo (70)

I was inspired by all the negative space in this painting by Dede Gold >


Isn’t this clever!?  Not sure the owner will go for this, but maybe with a future pet portrait : ).

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