193 Corner Vase


email me to inquire about this painting (16x20in on Stretched Canvas)

Working on a wall paper series for a recently re-done room at church.  They wanted a ‘homey’ feel.  I’m still figuring out how to paint wall paper patterns in a way that I like, anyone know any artists that paint lots of patterns in the background? I found Diane Hoeptner on the Daily Paintworks website, but if anyone knows of others I’d love to study them.  My art room still has a bed in it from when family was here this weekend, but I felt the need to paint something, I don’t want to get too rusty.

One thought on “193 Corner Vase

  1. krang

    I really like Diane Hoeptner’s works and her patterned backgrounds. Your #193 makes me think of Matisse’s works as a reference too.

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