173 Because it was so fun the first time


(12x12in on Masonite)

This guy IS for sale, I just need to hold onto him for the mixed media show next month, then I’ll put a buy button on him. : )  I did a very similar giraffe a while ago, but now that screen printing is on my mind I thought -‘ I kind of want that giraffe on a t-shirt’.  I’m hoping they can scan the original art because I don’t have any professional photos of these new pieces. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of pieces for the show, but I have been working a few more also, it’s a nice mental break from the realism.

Here’s a fun commission I added to today also.  A friend wanted me to re-make an older piece I had from my window series.  This one is only 20x20in, the original was on a 100yr old window and about 3.5 square feet!

Bike Window

Wouldn’t this be cool on a t-shirt too?  Just need to add the color.

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