172 Beginnings of a Coffee Drinker


Many people have asked me lately if i’m still daily painting.  The answer is mostly yes : ) I just haven’t done the little ones lately, I’ve been working on larger pieces and attacking them most days.  My art is starting to pile up and I was feeling like I’m creating a ton but no ones seeing it.  I do have some shows coming up this summer so I’m hoping a little will clear out.

Anyways, I’m posting this portrait beginnings to prove I’ve been painting.  I honestly haven’t been inspired by much recently, but I do get to put some pieces permanently in the basement of a coffee shop downtown so I thought I’d paint different people drinking coffee (inspired by my own self portrait I did for a ‘Selfie’ show)

More to come.

I’m also working on some commissioned glass pieces> I did a series of these on old windows a few years ago and they all sold!  But I did get a request for, which I’m excited about because they are really fun to do.

Here’s the original from a few years ago;

Bicycle | 36x36in | Acrylic and Puff Paint on Old Window | SOLD

Bicycle | 36x36in | Acrylic and Puff Paint on Old Window | SOLD

(see more in my ‘mixed media’ tab on the left column)

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