Warm Weekend Painting


It was pushing 80* here in Fort Collins this weekend, so my husband and I got in a work-on-the-house groove.  I did end up painting about 4 hours total, but not on a canvas:

photo 1 (12)

We did some research this weekend into installing some brick patios.  Unfortunately we’re super stingy as we’re converting the garage into a recording studio and all the extra moo-lah goes into that.  But we are thrifty!  We couldn’t do brick in the back, but we did score some concrete stain and I thought I’d paint some faux brick for now.  The more I worked on it today the more nervous I was getting that guests would see it and just think it’s tacky.  But it’s growing on me.

Here’s a night shot:

photo 2 (13)

I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  I love having Monday’s off. : )

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