Different projects lately…


It may look like I’ve been inactive these last couple days, but I have been doing art I promise!  Check this awesome eagle out from an art lesson earlier this week.

photo (11)


She had a project due for class so that’s what we worked on in lessons this week.  I love when they come with their own ideas.

And, like any unorganized artist, I forgot a commission my own mother requested of me!  So I did one of two yesterday;

Cabin in Minnesota

Cabin in Minnesota

And finally, something I got semi-inspired to do.  When we sing at church, or even when the pastor is giving his sermon, my mind is swimming in images.  The painting I’m working on now is one of those images, though it’s a different style than normal, so it’s taking some extra play time to perfect.  Here’s my favorite little corner of it;

photo 2 (4)

more to come!

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