164 Portrait Series No.2


SOLD (24x24in on Stretched Canvas)

It’s a cold Saturday and I had the whole afternoon free.  Since I was lazy yesterday I had no excuse not to paint today.  Ever since finishing my own self portrait, I’ve had this image in my head of a Native American with similar background colors.  Don’t ask me why.  What I really loved about the self portrait were the dull colors in my sweater contrasted by the bright, cheery colors of the background.  I thought I could get the same effect with this guy.  This painting took two tries.  I actually had a whole different Native American dressed up in PowWow garb and dancing in the attempt before this one, and I LOVED his pose!  But for a few reasons I just didn’t like the composition.

Paint over.  Try again. Sometimes you just have to do that when it’s not worth trying to “photoshop” it.


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