160 Self Portrait


SOLD (34.5×34.5in on Stretched Canvas)

I’m SUPER excited about this one.  A local gallery, Coco Artist Studio is doing a call for artists to submit self portraits, which she’ll then hang in her gallery for First Friday Artwalk next month.  How cool!  I had a couple I was going to enter, then my husband convinced me that I could do a better one – and that was my task today.  I had two photos picked out, and I picked this one because the pose was better (even though my face was silly).  Though- since I had so much fun, maybe I’ll do the other one too.  Just because. Note: I’m also drinking out of a coffee cup in the other- : ).

I love this because it combines both my bold-stroked “realism” and my love for patterns and color.  I might have just found my niche.

2 thoughts on “160 Self Portrait

  1. Anonymous

    This is ADORABLE Teddi!!!! How can your Momma and Dad resist it!!!! Also, I loved the flamingos! Think about doing more of them! Maybe singles…. Just a tip! Ha!
    Cathy Fix

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