159 Flamingo Flirting



Not gonna lie, I symbolism searched ‘flamingo’ and found out they are symbols for compassion and flirtatious-ness.  And then I totally saw it!  The yellow one is totally eyeing the top pink guy right?  ::wink::

I need to up my posts this month so today gets 2!  I had the day off and just experimented and played with colors and patterns all afternoon.  I have 3 other little ones I’m working on inspired by the baby dedications at church yesterday – keep your eyes peeled for those.  Back to the flamingos > I was searching for inspiration through my previous sketch book and found this drawing from a picture I took when my husband and I went to the Denver Zoo forever ago.  I loved the curves, the lines and the negative space shapes.  They all just clicked.  Then came the color.

I don’t tend to like or use much pink….ever, but since we found out we’re having a baby girl in June I think I’ve been jiving with the rosey shades lately.

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