150 Enter My Garden


(24x48in on Stretched Canvas)

(to see it bigger, check out the “fruits and veggies” tab on the left, there will be an image you can click to view larger.)

So, I lied.  I thought I would be too busy to paint this weekend and I was feeling burned out of painting last Friday – BUT I have actually been painting both days! : )  Maybe I’ll just convince my brain that next time I’m in a painting rut.  This was a cool masterpiece I just couldn’t wait to share.

The colors are so much more in person, come over and see for yourself.

A friend and I went to a gardening class yesterday, and what a beautiful day for a gardening class it was!  I came home with vegetables floating in my head and my husband and I dreamed about how our garden would be in the backyard.

I stayed home from church this morning and had the hymns blasting and just enjoyed how easily this painting fell off my brush.

Still in my experimental phase.

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