143 Everything and the Kitchen Sink


SOLD (24x24in on Masonite)

I keep finding that these mixed media ones are mostly “happy mistakes.”  They usually take a few layers, and sometimes I’ll have to go back and paint over something or re-do it, but mostly I just think -‘what color is it lacking?’  Or, ‘Do I need to re-focus the attention back over here?’  It’s very free!  The Do You Trust Me painting just happened so easily, and I think it’s because I had a verse in the Bible I was working from.  I’m going to keep trying to have a focus I come back to, I think that will give me faster direction.

For the Kitchen Sink here I got this image of vintage faucet handles and rolled with it.  I used the back board I usually stick my 8×8 paintings to when I paint them because it had so much cool texture and color already.  Though I did simplify it with this light green initially, so there wouldn’t be too much chaos.

I noticed that I keep going back to the same things: red circles, circles in general, and gold on top….wonder why?


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