Do something ‘art’ everyday

Norman Rockwell "Christmas Trio"

Norman Rockwell “Christmas Trio”

Big thanks to all who ‘tuned’ in yesterday!  Thanks for checking out my post.

I think I’ve made this quote before, “…and without fail, draw something every day…” – Cennino Cennini, Painters on Painting.  Luckily, when I paint I sketch out real quick the subject, that counts.  But since today I’m still un-inspired and feeing pretty bleh about painting, I just whipped out my sketchbook (which I started this one a year ago today and it’s nearly full! ) and decided to copy some of my favorites.  I put on a sermon from a pastor we know down in Texas and just copied.  Not against the rules, and very helpful when I’m too bleh to make my own composition. : )  Highly recommended.

I’m going to make it through this rut, I just need to remember it WILL end someday and I’ll be back to painting then.

*sidenote: did anyone borrow my copy of Betty Edwards’ Drawing on the Righ Side of the Brain ?  Great book!  If not, anyone want to go to the used book store with me and snag another? ::wink::

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