Figure Drawing!


Oh man guys, last night the Downtown Artery hosted a figure drawing session for any artists who wanted to come.  I’m trying to make my way into the cool-kid art scene in this town so I just had to go check it out.  I was kind of nervous, and expecting a nude model (would have been my first) but everyone was so friendly and the woman was wearing some great lingerie and awesome high heels that made her legs super fun to draw!

Here are some shots of the night: (no shots of the model, but there are some of my drawings of nearly a naked woman : ) )



It was so fun being surrounded by other people focusing and drawing away!  If you’re a local, they are going to keep doing these nights every other Tuesday (next one being the 27th of January)  And switching between male and female models.  I’ve never gotten to draw a man model before!  Hint, bring $8 if you come.  Hopefully off to paint something now : ).

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