125 Shadow Puppets


OH man busy day around here!  Another great art session under my belt, those 12 year old ladies really know their stuff.  We finished our paintings studying visual energy in a composition.  Here’s a photo:

art class

A bit out of their elements, but that’s good for us artists every now and then.  : )

And since they were so in the zone today, I had time to just paint with them.  I felt analogous today so I whipped up this still life and just went.  Honestly I really didn’t like it when I finished and stepped back, but my friend L in class assured me it was a keeper ::smile::  The more I look at it now, the more I can appreciate it.  Adding the shiny parts really helped, and the do like how the apples look so crisp while the shadows are so soft.  That’s actually what we’ll be studying next week with those two.  Perfect!

Maybe I’ll just paint red delicious from now on.  It was tricky with all those yellows and pinks on these galas.

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